Sunday, 12 June 2016

UK Games Expo

Not much text this time, but lots of pictures from the UK Games Expo.

The gaming table I'd have if I was rich!

Open Combat
Wargaming pre-blackpowder skirmish rules allowing you to pit anything vs anything.

Battle Systems
Card terrain manufacturers. I think the pictures say everything you need to know!

Plastic Soldier Company
Makers of both board games and great 15mm plastic figures.

Shades of Vengence
Role-player game producers.

Artistic Impressions 
Game mat producers

Tournament Gaming
Including X-Wing, Carcassonne and Dropzone Commander

Dropzone Commander
10mm sci-fi wargaming.

Otherworld Minatures 
Producer of Great Fantasy Models

Ice Cool - Brain Games 
Unique penguin flicking game.

Mortem Et Glorium 
New ancients combat systems.

Producers of gaming sound boards

River Horse Games
Waterloo, Labyrinth, and Terminator Genisys  games from the hands of Alessio Cavatore

Wasteland Justice
Mad-max style car racing game 

And finally, I've finished the Heavy Mortar platoon and 2.8cm sPzB 41 team!

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