Tuesday, 31 May 2016

June Challenge

So what's this month's challenge then. Well having finished my commission last month, I've been busy building bits for Operation Bagration, my next big historical battle in 3 weeks time. As such my challenge is to paint the following before then

Speznaz Platoon plus 5 captured Sd Kfz halftracks
4 Jagdpanzer IV L/48
2 StuG G and 2 StuH 42
3 Sd Kfz 10/4 anti-aircraft halftracks
Heavy Mortar Platoon with 4 12cm sGW 43 Mortars

My stretch goal is to paint up 4 more Brummbars, 2 Sd Kfz 251/2 Mortar halftracks and a 2.8cm sPzB 41 team.

Progress so far is going well, all the above have been built, primed and the vehicles have been basecoated and had the camouflage air brushed on. I've even started on the Spetnaz and Mortars!

Also I should probably mention that a new Fire for Effect podcast is out!

Monday, 16 May 2016

Hammer and Sickle

I've finally finished off my Soviet commission (21 T-34, 6 SU-100, 4 ISU-122 and 1 IS-2) and also finished a wrecked T-34 as scenary, which was built out of spare PSC bits I had lying around.

Part of the commision included Dedov as a battalion command tank (The model has both 76mm and 85mm gun turrets).

A command IS-2 for an assault gun battery.

And 4 ISU-122 assault guns for him to command.

Friday, 13 May 2016

A Messy Encounter

Just a couple of photos from last week's Armada game. I experimented and took a fighter heavy rebel fleet. As you can see it didn't end well, with me being left with just 1 B-wing squadron (Did kill the Raider and a fair few Tie's though)!

Edit: This week's game went much better, after cutting down on the fighters and adding 2 corvettes instead!

Monday, 2 May 2016

The Might of the Empire

Having pulled a very late one last night, I thought I'd post some pictures of my finished Star Wars Armada squadrons.

First the Empire. I wasn't happy with my original attempt in the Tie Fighters, so I've redone them, together with the Imperial Fighters expansion pack. I'm much happier with the latest result.

I've also painted the Rogues and Villians set. Here are the Bounty Hunter ships, Slave One, Hound's Tooth, Punishing One and IG-2000.

And the Rogues, the Millenium Falcon, Outrider, Moldy Crow and Havoc

Sunday, 1 May 2016

May's Challenge

Well it's the first of May so I guess I'd best get the new monthly painting challenge up! This month's Challenge is for me to get the following painted.

Imperial Fighters
Rogues and Villians

Flames of War
1 IS-2
4 ISU-122
1 T-34 (Company Commander with both turrets)
1 Wrecked T-34