Friday, 7 August 2020


 Ok I got distracted. Well the Element Games parcel turned up with these!

 These are Reaper Bones Scorpions, which I picked up because they were cheap and because I fancied painting something a bit different.

I also got a couple of the new contrast paints with the order, so I thought I could use these to try out a couple of colour techniques.

Both started off primed with Army Painter Leather Brown.

The Black Scorpion was painted Vallejo German Grey (a good charcoal grey), then painted with Black Templar contrast paint. The sting and eyes were done in neat black. This didn't quite give the effect I wanted, so I edge highlighted some plates with German Grey, then washed with Army Painter Dark Tone, to darken things up again.  I'm quite pleased with this black tone.

The Brown Scorpion was mainly done in Fyreslayer Flesh contrast paint with a dark back streak wet blended in using Black Templar. I also worked some Fleshtearers Red contrast paint in a couple of the joints. Details were then done in Black, before I edge highlighted in thinned Vallejo Flat Earth, then washed with Army Painter Strong Tone. The wet blending didn't work quite as well as hoped, and is a bit too brown, but isn't bad regardless.

Basing on both Scorpions was done with Agrellan Earth technical paint (another new paint, tried for the first time here), with some Woodland Scenics grass flock (Burnt Turf, and Dark Green course turf), applied very sparingly. I like the Agrellan Earth, this produces a nice effect. I will try and use this more in future.

Sunday, 26 July 2020

Summer Progress

So I've managed to get some stuff finished since the last post. I've even stayed roughly on target this time, and not got distracted with a new project!

First up are 4 Shermans and a command stand, so all my Desert British are painted

Secondly is this Parachute Artillery Battery of 75mm M1A1 Pack Howitzers, which means I only have the Glider Rifle Infantry to paint, to finish off my US Para force.

Next up is going to be the Chieftains or SU-76s from the last post.

Saturday, 11 July 2020

Modelling update and WIP

Throught I'd just post a general hobby update this time, I don't have anything complete to show at the moment.

So the next batch of hobby and modelling stuff is under way (which is handy as this lock down has led to more models appearing on my door step for some reason. I guess it's helping the economy?).

So here is my workbench. In progress I have:
4 Desert Shermans tanks
4 Chieftain tanks
A US Parachute Artillery Battery (4 x 75mm Pack howitzers, staff team, HQ and observer team)
5 SU-76
Soviet SMG team (To replace a lost stand)
Desert Command team
2 Van Saar gangers

This is largely wrapping up a couple of my armies (till I buy more....). With the Shermans and command team complete, that's all my desert models painted (There might be some more artillery at some point as well).

Meanwhile, the Chieftains are the last of my Team Yankee British to do.

Completing the artillery, will mean the US force will only have 1 platoon left to paint (the glider rifle platoon).

The Van Saars will complete Necromunda (again). Both are duplicates, but they bulk out the Van Saar gang, who are looking a little undermanned, compared to the Eschers.

Here are the SU-76s. Completing them will not get me much closer to finishing the Soviets, but they are a useful unit to have, as well as being a common historical vehicle.

A word of warning about the Plastic Soldier Company kit, while it has the crew (Unlike it's Zvezda competitor), PSC messed up and the radiator vent was omitted from the sprue. This has led to the modification I had to make here, removing the mounting lugs, using 2x2x14mm length plastic strip to replicate the part, then painstakingly pressing in the grill detail using a scriber. It does at least give some texture to the top however, as well as adding an important bit of detail.

Finally I bought a new train set..... I picked up Bachmann's Midland Marvel set of eBay. While not cheap it was cheaper than I could buy the components. This has given me a set of 2nd radius track, whih I've used to form an outer loop on the gaming table for the time being, while plans for the loft are ongoing. More on that in another post.

Here you can see the new train (Fowler 3F 0-6-0) with my other goods wagons, and also my Fowler 2P 4-4-0. The 2P has finally had it's cab hand rails fitted, after I picked some up off eBay (see I completed something!).

Sunday, 21 June 2020

Honey's of the Desert

So as mentioned previously, I've finally got round to finishing 17 Honey Stuarts for my Desert British. It's only taken a year of them sitting sprayed on my painting bench.

This gives me:
4 strong HQ Platoon
4 x 3 strong Platoons
1 Observer Honey Stuart

and also 17 more models ticked off the list!

The models are Plastic Soldier Company's 15mm M3 'Honey' Light Tank kit, with transfers from Dom's Decals (my preferred decal provider) and PSC. The crew figures are surplus Battlefront figures. The kit went together well, though the quantity of detail meant it took ages to pin wash 17 of them. They are cheaper than the Battlefront kit however (£20 vs £30 for 5), and I feel the quality is just as good. The only point I have against them is I feel that the crew figures are a bit spindly, and only have 1 pose, hence the use of Battlefront figures instead. They also don't come with decals, but I've found the quality of the BF transfers to be mixed anyway (they often break), and prefer not to use them if I can.

Sunday, 14 June 2020

Railway People

Yes, I know I said that the Stuarts were next, but the transfers were drying on them, and I had some time....

If it makes you feel better, the Stuarts have been varnished today, and are just awaiting the turrets to be fitted and photos taken.

Anyway, while I was waiting for the transfers to dry, I started painting some 00 scale figures and bits I had found in the railway box. No idea on the manufacturer, I think they were in a bargain box at a railway show at 10p a figure! A couple of hours later, and this was the result.

Sunday, 31 May 2020

Hovering Lynx, Visible TOW

So I got the 2 Lynx AH.1s painted. These anti-tank helicopter carry TOW missiles and mean I now have 4 of these. I'm now closer to completing my unpainted Team Yankee British, as well as reducing the number of unpainted models I have kicking around. Mind I was think that the Team Yankee British need some infantry.......No bad Dave! Do not buy more models! Not until you're down to one shelf of unpainted figures!

Next up, I'm going to try and finish my Desert British for WWII. As such I'm currently painting 17 M3 Stuarts, I've actually made some decent progress there. I'm then thinking of finishing the 4 Desert Shermans I have, to round out my desert stuff.

Friday, 22 May 2020

Hitting the Buffers

Just a small update this time, 5 Hornby buffers for the layout.

Not sure if there was a standard scheme for LMS buffers, but I've seen pictures of them painted white, so I've gone for that, then used a drybrush and a pin wash to add some weathering. They will do for now.

Wargaming stuff next, I should have some more AH.1 Lynxs for you in the very near future!