Saturday, 4 January 2020

Christmas Grind

So the Christmas holidays have been and gone, but I did manage to get some stuff pained.

Firstly, was an experiment with the new GW contrast paints. I've been sat looking at the Zombicide zombies for a while. With the help of my friend Chris we managed to get these 64 models basecoated in about 5 hours. It probably took me 3-4 hours of basing and adding detail the next day to finish them but that's a pretty good output. They look pretty good as can be seen below.

So what do I think of the new contrast paints? All in all pretty good, they help with the speed of production. However, I've found some colours have great coverage (like the reds) while others require additional costs, and aren't as good. They are useful for basecoating and i'm considering picking up a few, however they are not a magic 'one coat solves all problems' that I have heard from elsewhere.

Next up, I got the dork tower survivor expansion from Zombicide for Christmas. I was able to finish them off as well in a cartoon style, which fits the sculpts. You'll notice that I didn't use any metallics on these, to fit this style.

Finally is an interesting side project. I was able to find my old train set in the loft. In there was a Lima wagon with bare blue plastic which stood out from the other Hornby rolling stock. To blend this in I masked this off and sprayed the interior. I then weathered the wagon, and it now looks much better.

Sunday, 8 December 2019

Bulking Up

So I've been looking at my old necromunda bulkheads for a while, and thinking, "They would look better with some paint". Simple job I thought, though it took a lot longer than planned, even with a big brush.

Nevertheless they are finally done and looking a lot better, together with a repaint of an old 40k obstacle I acquire from a friend.

Thursday, 5 December 2019

Preparing for the Apocolypse

Wow, it's been a month since the last update! Thought it had been busy in work....

More seriously, while I'm not achieving my friend Chris's productivity (about a mini a day at the moment), I've still got a bit done.

First up are my 15mm scale phone boxes and mailbox from Iron Gate Scenery. These have been painted up for 1980 West Germany (IE Yellow) for Team Yankee.

Next we have the 6 survivors from the Zombicide core game.

I've varied a bit from the standard scheme, Doug has become a bit blue/grey to match his player colour, while Josh's hoodie is orange, rather than grey for the same reasons. I'm quite pleased with these, they have come out well.

Next up is either some Necromunda figures, Necromunda scenary (Bulkheads) or Zombies.

Sunday, 3 November 2019

More Scenary!

Not a huge update here, but I have at least painted something.

Here is some more scenary, some for Necromunda, and some for Team Yankee (the skips).

I've also finished these 15mm fences for Flames of War/Team Yankee as well.

Sunday, 15 September 2019

Securing the Battlefield

Just a quick update, This weekend I've been going through my necromunda card terrain and edging it all with coloured markers. Hopefully I can get shots of it all when I've finished the bulkheads that go with it.

I have managed to get these two fences painted. Again I aquired these off a friend, so I'm not sure where they came from. Possibly a kids toy. Either way, painted and based on coffee stirrers, they have come out pretty well.

Sunday, 8 September 2019

Underhive Scenary

I've recently come into posession of the old GW Battlefield Accessories from a friend. I've been tarting them up for Necromunda. Here we can see the first batch, the barrels, and tank traps (modelled by one of my escher juves). The barrels have made use of some old transfers.

Wednesday, 4 September 2019

SU-85 or what you can do with a 3D printer

 Here you can see my latest complete project, 5 SU-85. These look like Battlefront at first glance, but where actually made from spare bits from the Battlefront SU kit after I made SU-100s, plus some PSC tracks, and also a 3D printed base and exhausts.

I've shied off 3D printing until now as I don't like the layed effect, however as a tool to replicate some less visible parts and a significant amount of filing, the end result has come out really well. It's also used some spare bits, so less useless stuff lying around!