Monday 13 November 2023


So I have made some progress (and have managed to get some gloss varnish).

Firstly, 10 British MILAN teams for Team Yankee.

Secondly, I have repainted an old Lima Homepride box van into an LMS wagon. Thankfully Army Painter Cold Grey spray paint was a near perfect mid grey.


Monday 23 October 2023

Limited progress

Due to a couple of issues (lack of matt varnish for one), I've struggled to make much progress this month.

However I have got ten minefields done, 5 for the Finn's and 5 for the Jordanian's.

Saturday 30 September 2023

Another Month, some progress

So it's been a busy month personal life and work wise, and I've largely been building german vehicles, including this Panzerbeobachtungswagen III (Panzer III artillery observer tank).

I have however got a couple of things actually painted!

Firstly, I built and painted a Dapol plastic cattle wagon kit. I don't model BR, so this will likely be given away to a friend who does at some point.

Secondly, I got 5 minefields painted for the desert.

Wednesday 30 August 2023

Yet more updates!

My, I am treating you with the updates this month aren't I?

So I've been off this week, and have been using it to get a whole bunch of productive tasks done. Largely things around the home that I've been putting off for too long, however I've also been doing some wargaming painting as well.

As such, I've finished 5 more Battlefront Panzer III tanks (uparmoured ausf L variants) and built/painted 5 minefields out of old CDs.

Next is likely to be some later war German stuff, based on what's built.

Thursday 24 August 2023

Two in one week

Got some minor work on railway stuff done, so I thought I would post an update.

This barrels and milk churns are from Tinker Models, a small producer I found on eBay.

Really impressed with the quality of these and they threw in the barrels as a free sample on a £6 free postage order, so have to say I'm a happy customer.

Paint scheme is nothing special, but they were quick to paint up and look good.

Tuesday 22 August 2023

Extra Firepower

 Well we have got some more models done, 3 15cm Nbw 41 and a 5cm Pak 38 for my Tunesian Germans. 4 more of the list for this year.

Sunday 13 August 2023

And another month

 To be fair, it's been quite a busy month for me with a holiday, a week away with work and bout of COVID. As such, while I have made some progress over July, it hasn't been nearly as much as I had hoped.

I have got these two objectives painted for the Tunisian German force however.

Hopefully I will have some extra additions for this force soon.