Sunday, 19 June 2016

A Mildly Accurate Refight: Six Day War

Sadly due to lack of players, my Mostly Accurate Refight: Bagaration weekend has been postponed. However as some of us still had  the time free we did some gaming instead. This turned into a big Arab-Isreali war game instead. We decided to do a game roughly covering the 6 Day War (hence Mildly Accurate), with the Arabs on the border in the south, and the Jordanians attacking Jerusalum from the East. In the middle will be the Isrealis.

 The Egyptians engage in 'peaceful' border exercises.

Meanwhile in Isreal the tanks gather to strike first.

Isreali infantry dig in around  Jeresalem, while an Isreali Sayet force prepares to strike out into the Negev desert.

Meanwhile the Egyptions there exercise blissfully unaware.

As the Isrealis attack south into Egypt, the Jordanian army arrives to exploit the 'Great Arab Victory' being won to the south.
 The Sayet head south.

 While the Scout company head north

In the face of the Isreali attack, the Egyptians counter attack boldly!

The Isreali's don't look phased!

The Isreali air force certainly isn't, taking out an SU-100, while the AMXs kill 2 PT-76s.

Meanwhile the bold Arab counter attack has gone badly, badly wrong, the T-55 company closest taking 15 hits from 16 off the Sho'ts.

The Isreali airforce buzz the SU-100s but fail to hit them with bombs, while a BTR-50PK APC burns after an AMX hit.

The Jordanians start whittling away the troops around Mount Scopus with fire.

Meanwhile the Shermans of the Palestinian 7th Infantry Division bravely take up the lead of the advance.

And quickly withdraw in the face of the superior Isreali Shermans!

Things are not looking good for the Arab advance.

Meanwhile in the Negev desert, things are worse, an SU-100 manages to knock out an AMX, but his comrades quickly get revenge! 

 The Arabs withdraw, leaving a mountain of wrecked hulls in their wake.

Meanwhile in the West Bank freshly arriving Isreali tanks start to take their toll on the Jordanians. This platoon had previously been picking on the 120mm Mortar halftracks.

 The Jordanians strike back, knocking out a rapidly advancing platoon of M1 Super Shermans as they attempt to flank.

 Unfortunately the AMXs have also managed to flank the Jordanians. Centurion side armour does not stand up well to their guns.

Meanwhile the Sayet have managed to advance and flank the artillery.

With predictable results.

 Meanwhile Isreali tank fire has taken a heavy toll on the Jordanian tanks. With the Jordanian armour down to 2 Centurions and time pretty much ran out the Jordanians concede. Isreal has been saved!

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  1. I had missed this one, great AAR and pictures, thx for sharing!