Friday, 6 January 2017

New Year, New Look!

Well this is something I've been wanting to do for a while. Behold the new shinier version of my blog! I've set up a battlefield and taken a few photos, so I could use the best as a background image, you may see the other pictures another day!

To celebrate I've done a battle report for the blog, vs my friend Andy's Tankovy list in the No Retreat mission.

Soviet Tankovy (Regular Support), Tank Company, from Red Bear, page 20

Compulsory Tankovy Batalon HQ (p.21) - CinC T-34 obr 1942 (45 pts)

Compulsory Tankovy Company (p.22) - Command T-34 obr 1942, 9x T-34 obr 1942 (350 pts)
- 3x Upgrade T-34 obr 1942 to T-34/85 obr 1943 (90 pts)

Compulsory Tankovy Company (p.22) - Command T-34 obr 1942, 8x T-34 obr 1942 (325 pts)
- 3x Upgrade T-34 obr 1942 to T-34/85 obr 1943 (90 pts)

Anti-aircraft Platoon (p.23) - Command DShK AA truck, 2x DShK AA truck (55 pts)

Tank Killer Company (p.134) - Command SU-100, 2x SU-100 (230 pts)

Tank Killer Company (p.134) - Command SU-100, 2x SU-100 (230 pts)

Spetsnaz Platoon (p.75) - Command SMG, 2x SMG, 2x Captured Sd Kfz 251 half-track (100 pts)

1515 Points, 6 Platoons 

To counter this I had high hopes for my Reichsgrenadier company with 11 Pak 40s

German Reichsgrenadierkompanie, Infantry Company, from Fortress Italy, page 84 

Compulsory ReichsGrenadier Company HQ (p.85) - CinC SMG, 2iC SMG (35 pts)
- Upgrade CinC SMG to CinC Panzerknacker SMG (5 pts)
- Upgrade 2iC SMG to 2iC Panzerknacker SMG (5 pts)
- Panzerschrek (20 pts)

Compulsory ReichsGrenadier Platoon (p.85) - Command Rifle/MG, 6x Rifle/MG (120 pts)
- Replace Command Rifle/MG, 6x Rifle/MG with Command Panzerknacker SMG, 6x Panzerknacker Rifle/MG (35 pts)

Compulsory ReichsGrenadier Platoon (p.85) - Command Rifle/MG, 6x Rifle/MG (120 pts)
- Replace Command Rifle/MG with Command Panzerknacker SMG (5 pts)

ReichsGrenadier Machine-gun Platoon (p.86) - Command SMG, 2x MG42 HMG (55 pts)

ReichsGrenadier Mortar Platoon (p.86) - Command SMG, 2x Observer Rifle, 4x 8cm GW34 mortar (100 pts)

ReichsGrenadier Anti-tank Gun Platoon (p.87) - Command SMG, 3x 7.5cm PaK40 gun (120 pts)

ReichsGrenadier Pioneer Platoon (p.87) - Command Pioneer Rifle, 9x Pioneer Rifle (180 pts)
- Replace Command Pioneer Rifle with Command Pioneer Panzerknacker Rifle (5 pts)

ReichsGrenadier Scout Platoon (p.88) - Command Rifle, 4x Rifle (85 pts)

Tank-Hunter Platoon (p.142) - Command Marder III M, 3x Marder III M (255 pts)

ReichsGrenadier Tank-Hunter Platoon (p.89) - Command Marder III H, 3x Marder III H (200 pts)

Rocket Launcher Battery (p.145) - Command SMG, Observer Rifle, Kubelwagen, 3x 15cm NW41 rocket launcher (105 pts)

ReichsGrenadier Anti-Aircraft Gun Platoon (p.91) - Command Sd Kfz 10/5 (2cm), 2x Sd Kfz 10/5 (2cm) (65 pts)

1515 Points, 11 Platoons 

After setup, the table looks like this.

 Pioneers deploy on one objective.

 Panzerknacker wielding Grenadiers deploy on the other objective.

AA trucks cower behind a wood for the game.

SU-100 occupy the centre of the battlefield

After the Soviet infiltration the Spetnaz move a bit too close to the pioneers. Two flamerthrower teams charge out of the church but disappointingly only manage to knock out the command team and their halftrack.

Meanwhile the SU-100 start to enjoy life under a cloud of smoke.

While the Tankovy pummel the pioneers in the church (knocking out a stand), the first reserve (the trained Marders) turn up managing to knock out 2 tanks and bail a third at long range. They then stormtrooper to avoid return fire.

The Soviets press in on the church and start to whittle down more of the Pioneers with shooting

With the T-34 closing in the Germans pick their moment and deploy the Marder ambush. They target the lead company at close range using positioning to ensure the T-34s will only have three tanks able to shoot without moving the whole platoon. Meanwhile the trained Marders pop out for shots at the front of the company. Despite shooting trained troops at close range they only knock out 1 tank, then fail to stormtrooper. Meanwhile the veteran Marders knock out 2 more tanks and bail another tank before stormtroopering to put another of the T-34s at long range. The Nebelwerfers bail a tank, and the Spetnaz halftrack. Sadly this does not cause a platoon test

It was time for the soviet response. All the bailed vehicles remount, and those that could targeted the Marders. Despite their weak armour, the Marder platoons were only taking a few shots each needing 4s and 5s respectively. With average hit dice alone, I would lose one or two Marder in each platoon, but could probably finish the T-34 company with the next volley of fire. So how did that go?

Yep, two dead platoons!

So plan B, with the Pioneers bravely holding on, but slowly crumbling, the bulk of the Grenadier platoon head over towards the other objective. Meanwhile a second grenadier platoon also arrive to help secure the objective, but fail to dig in.

With that the T-34 line up to machine gun the none dug in infantry.

With a raft of failed infantry saves the T-34s mow down most of the platoon and run over the rest of the platoon. They then assault into the second platoon. The panzerschreck misses and the assault kills most of the defenders and one of the T-34s. The command team breaks off but fails to unpin the turn after. With that the 2iC sprints towards the objective. As long as he passed the stormtrooper roll I would contest the object next turn and win the game.

The Paks knock out another two tanks and break the platoon. The company commander did not join the platoon so he could contest the objective. Thankfully the 2iC made his stormtrooper roll, and I won the game 4:3.

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