Saturday, 31 December 2016

Summary of the Year

Well this year has been fairly productive for me (which is more than can be said for December if I'm honest, see later). I've ran my first tournament, taken part in a Podcast, and got a fair amount painted. This has included:

6 British desert trucks
21 Soviets T-34
A wrecked T-34
6 SU-100
4 ISU-122
1 IS-2
5 ISU-152
Spetnaz platoon
3 tournament prizes
PHR Dropzone Commander force
3 Buildings
A Necromunda Escher Gang
A platoon of Panzer 38(t)
2 Sd Kfz 251/2
4 Brummbar
4 Stug/StuH
4 Jagdpanzer
2 Infantry Guns
Pioneer Supply Wagon
Pioneer Supply Vehicle
US Parachute Bazooka teams
US Parachute 57mm AT Guns
US Tank Destroyers
The Rebel Fighters, Imperial Fighters and Rogues and Villians packs for Star Wars Armada
Discworld Death

Hopefully I can keep up the pace next year!

Hades Assault Walker

Pioneer Supply Vehicle

I've managed to finish off the Hades Assault Walker and the Finnish Pioneer supply vehicle before the year end and start the Panzer Grenadiers and Pioniers, however Christmas has been busy, so I'm not expecting them to be done before tonight! I've also built 4 Chieftains, and bought more Team Yankee British, so I'm expecting more Team Yankee stuff  to be done in the new year. For now the challenge for January is to paint the German infantry and get the Team Yankee stuff built!

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