Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Pegasus Bridge

For Market Garden I needed a large bridge for Nijmegan bridge. There's few bigger out there than 4Ground's Pegasus bridge, and I was offered a discount version due to a damaged box by those nice people at Colonel Bills. So that was one problem solved, all I had to do was build the thing....

While the end result is pretty darn good, the kit is a bit of a pain to put together. This isn't helped by the fact that I had received a base section which was incorrect. 4ground were great and sent me replacement, correct sized sprues and a discount code for the inconvenience. This new sprue still had a couple of issues, I had to cut off a couple of tags as they no longer fit, and I'm sure the rear ramp isn't sized correctly now, but both of these I can bodge. All in all however , I'm pretty happy with the kit, guess I need Cafe Gondree now as well (Because my french town needs a forth Cafe, on second thoughts that is very French!).