Saturday, 12 September 2015

Market Garden

My Market Garden campaign day is fast approching and I'm pushing to get everything done on time. Combine that with the usual household chores and I'm a bit busy at present!

I need to get some troops painted up for Market Garden, so check out below to see what I've done.

British Bofors AA Tractors head up Hell's Highway to resupply their guns

Sadly the Germans have broken through and prepared and ambush of Snipers and Panzerschrecks.

The 82nd Airborne push back down the road to help clear the way again. Quite what use the AA are going to be I'm not sure, but hey, you use what you have!

Meanwhile the German train up some new recruits with obsolete light mortars and anti-tank rifles, it's getting that desperate! At least there's a berm to catch the stray rounds!

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