Saturday, 7 April 2018

For Mandalore!

So I recently picked up the Chimera expansion for Star Wars Armada. This came with 2 unpainted Mandalorian Gauntlet Fighter/dropships. Naturally this means they required a paint job!

They were quick and easy to paint, following a paint scheme off the internet ( Prime black, they drybrush Vallejo Cold Grey (old GW Codex Grey) followed by a lighter white drybrush, and repainting the rotating ring Cold Grey again. I picked out the windscreen in Black, and the engines in Vallejo Orange Fire (old GW Fiery Orange).

I then added the blue marking from the picture in old GW Enchanted Blue, then gave things a quick pin wash with Army Painter Dark Tone, marking sure I got all the rotation ring. With that finishing touch, they were done and ready for space combat!

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