Friday, 1 January 2016

Counterattack on the West Bank (Older Update)

Well Christmas has been hectic and I've not got that much painting done. To tide you over until the next update, I thought I'd put up an older battle report I've wanted to get up for a while .

West Bank 1967, Isreali Armour counter attacks a Jordanian armoured penetration into Israel (No Retreat, Israelis attacking, 1700 points)

Dan's force consisted of:
HQ Sho't
3 Sho't
3 M51 Isherman
4 AMX-13
Sayur Patrol (6 Patrol Jeeps)

I had:
HQ Centurion
3 Centurion 5
3 Centurion 5
2 Centurion 5
2 Centurion 5
2 M42 Dusters
Field Artillery Battery with 6 x 25pdr

The Battlefield after setup

 The Jordanian's try to occupy the best hiding place in anticipation of the Isreali attack

The Isreali setup

The Isreali's advance

The Sayur Patrol penetrates deep into Isreali lines

While the Sho'ts knock out the only visible Centurion 5

Jordanian fire knocks out 3 jeeps, but Isreali machine gun fire shreds two 25pdrs

The Sayur Patrol then use their small size to conceal themselves from return fire.

The Isrealis stare at the tree line, are there tanks lurking there?

Yep! I guess the Sayar Patrol missed these as they sped past. The first volley knocks out the Ishermans.

 The Company Commander bogs down

 While the Isrealis launch a furious counterattack, killing a second Centurion! The remaining tank in the platoon holds firm.

The Jordanian response is savage, all the AMX-13 are knocked out, as are 2 Sho'ts.

The final Sho't is not as brave as the Jordanian Centurion and flees. The Isrealis then retreat as the company commander is still bogged down!

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