Saturday, 27 February 2021

Airborne Lead the Way!

Having written the last post about completing the glider infantry, I decided it would be nice if I actually laid out my fully painted US Paratrooper force.

While there's a couple of bits I might add to this force (an extra P-47, adding an M4A1 Sherman platoon, and expanding the Tank Destroyers to a company so the security section is a legal option again), for now everything in the force is painted and I've not ordered anything more. So let's have a quick celebration!

Paratrooper Platoons

 M10 Tank Destroyers and their security section

  Armoured Recon Jeeps, Airborne Engineer Platoon and Mortars

More Parachute Infantry

Glider Rifle Infantry

57mm Anti-Tank gun platoon

P-47 Thunderbolt air support

Company Headquarters

Airborne Recon in Armoured Jeeps

Airborne Engineer Platoon

Mortars and AA .50 M2 machine guns

M5A1 Stuart tank platoon


A few notes:

  • I've done the whole force in the later M1943 pattern common airborne uniform. Hence, the glider rifle infantry look very similar to the Paratroopers.
  • The force was original painted for version 3, as such you may notice some oddities, such as extra command teams, or extra Parachute infantry teams (you could add these to represent other paratroopers picked up after the drop).
  • This is particularly true of the number of Bazooka team. In V3 the answer to the question, "How many bazookas can that platoon take?", was always "Yes". Less useful in the case of the Mortars, but I liked the ability to add them to the anti-tank gun platoon.

Gliding In

I've finally completed my US Glider Rifle infantry to finish off my Flames of War US Paratrooper force. Unlike the Paratroopers, the Glider Infantry were deployed via Waco Glider rather than by Parachute. Also, unlike the Paratroopers, they had not volunteered for the Airborne Forces, but were just assigned into the role.

At least deploying via glider meant the whole platoon deployed together, rather than the Paratroopers who could end up dispersed over a wide area.

This means I have now painted every US model in my collection. Next army task up, finish either the AIW Jordanian army, or the Team Yankee British force!

Hopefully you should see a few more posts from me soon, I've been airbrushing and have a few smaller projects about 50% done, so hopefully we can get a few more things complete.

Thursday, 21 January 2021


 Today's post is 4 "Pheasant" 17/25 pdr anti-tank guns for my Desert British.

In 1943 the British had a problem. They had developed the highly effective 17pdr anti-tank gun, and urgently wanted to get it into service to counter the Tiger tanks which were starting to appear. Unfortunately, they hadn't designed the carriage for the gun yet yet. The solution? Mount some of the guns on the carriage for the 25 Pdr artillery piece. While a tall mount for an anti tank gun and hard to conceal, it could handle the recoil generated by the new gun. 

These guns were christened the 17/25 pdr or "Pheasant" and used in Tunesia from February 43. Some probably survived into the Italian theatre and were likely eventually phased out and replaced by the 'proper' 17 pdr coming into British service from late 43.

Saturday, 16 January 2021

Broken Down

So I've got a bit behind on the painting front. However I've got a few bits done so far this month, so update time!

Firstly I've painted some tank traps. Nothing complex, just a black undercoat, and silver drybrush, but it's better than bare gray plastic.

Secondly, I've painted two Morris C8 'Quad' artillery tractor, which are under repair. These were made from PSC kits which I had to borrow some spares from. As such, I decided to model these as being under repair, having a wheel change (on blocks) and having the radiator replaced/repaired. These will be scenary on my desert table, probably parked next to a building.

Saturday, 2 January 2021

A Small Update

 Just as stated, the first model of 2021 is done! I've painted a wall for my desert terrain!

Friday, 1 January 2021

2020 - A year in review

 So this year has been.... interesting.

It started of with me promising myself that I would squeeze more wargaming in....

Then came a busy period of work, then the Covid pandemic and as a result I think I've had 3 wargames this year, one game each of Flames of War, Team Yankee and Star Wars Armada.

One the plus side with all the lookdowns, I've had a lot more time to model, build and paint stuff. This has meant I've completed a career best 203 models completed this year, which I think is more than I've bought this year!

It started off last year with Zombicide, where I completed all my models for this game. Other notable milestones:

- Completing all my built, unpainted Soviet Vehicles (I acquired a lot second hand)

- Finally finishing my Desert Honey Stuarts, which were a project which had dragged on way too long. Using this as motivation to get all my Desert British stuff painted.

- Painting all my Team Yankee British stuff (Then buying more, doh!)

- Completing the Necromunda models and having a big photo session

- Starting to paint some different stuff as a palate cleanser (Trains, Fantasy Figures, Roman officers) 

- Finally, starting a model railway.

I've finished the year with a monster building session, as I'd like to get the airbrush out while I'm on leave, and there's lots of stuff I want to paint with it, largely German and Jordanian vehicles, I've also used this to get some other projects ready to go, like the US Glider infantry, to complete my US Parachute force (Although I could see myself acquiring a Sherman Platoon for them at some point).

As a result, I should hopefully be able to make a good start getting some stuff painted in the new year. Hopefully I can maintain the progress and have this lot painted up by mid-year. Hopefully the new year will have more gaming and less plague!

Tuesday, 29 December 2020

Fantasy Couple

While stocking up on spray paint in Element Games, I also picked up a couple of Reaper Bones minatures. I thought these looked like a warrior couple. I also liked how the women's armour was fairly practical, rather than the more common female armour which just about succeeds in protecting modesty.... and little else.

The models are Duke Gerard and Trista, the White Wolf. They've been finished early as I needed a break for 25 pounders

For a paint scheme I went with purple, as it's a colour I don't often paint. I also decided to give them dark skin as I don't think I'd ever painted it before, so I wanted to give it a go.

I'm quite pleased with how they have come out. Here they are fending off my Reaper Bones Scorpions that got painted earlier this year.